Face #5: Nelisa

A beautiful little darling I encountered on the streets of Pretoria. She is innocence. She is inquisitive brown eyes and rosebud lips. She is exquisite openness. She is plump cheeks and little reaching hands. She is wonder.

It was a warm breezy afternoon. Nelisa was sitting in her pram. She was observing the changing world buzzing around her. She was all eyes and gleeful abandon.

“Hello little one!”

She put out her hand. How could I not take it?

She wrapped all of her fingers around three of mine. She squeezed and giggled.

“You are too beautiful!”

Another squeeze.

I chatted to her mum while we held hands. She was watching me the entire time.

Analysing. No judgement. Just observation.

When it was time to go, she wouldn’t let go. Those sweet sticky fingers were stuck to mine.

As we get older, we rarely lift up downcast eyes to connect with another. We do anything to avoid that passing moment of decided vulnerability.

Not only little hands need to reach out.


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