Face #6: Kevin

A guy in my English class. Kind eyes framed by hipster spectacles. Button-up shirts and hair gel. A broad smile. Small build. Big personality. An even bigger heart.

We had been in the same classes for about two and a half years before we met at a mutual friend’s 21st birthday party. He was confidence, energy, openness. He came whirling into my atmosphere. The laughing face with the serious eyes. A complex paradox.

A former stranger became my friend over cups of conversation and coffee. His story explains his serious eyes. His attitude explains his smile. He has not had it easy.

But it is not my place to share his story.

I would like to share something he told me the other day.

“Instead of judging people, why don’t we try to understand them? There’s no room to love when you judge…You know, Kirst, that way, we can change the world for the better.”

I once had a headmaster, Mr Sabine, who used to sit with us and tell us stories when we were in grade one. I can only remember one of the stories and the end of the story went like this:

“When you give other people lots and lots of love, you just land up having so much more love to give. So, if we give love to other people, imagine how full of love the world will be!”

I remember that story every time I see Kevin.

Kevin is that story.


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