Face #7: Grace

The beautiful lady that works at our house. She loves colourful earrings and eye shadow. Her hair is intricately braided. Her smile absolutely brightens my day. Her smile would brighten anyone’s day. She bounces when she walks and sways when she hums. She is rhythmic joy.

Grace came into my life a few months ago. And what a blessing she has been. She is the epitome of the fact that the little things count. I think I loved her from the day I met her. She shines.

On a Wednesday morning a couple of weeks ago, I walked into the kitchen in my pyjamas, a half-asleep gollywog. I am sure you have those days when you wake up and you just don’t feel good. Perhaps a bad dream. Perhaps a broken heart. Perhaps you have been hurting for a long time. Perhaps you just had a really bad day yesterday.

I walked into the kitchen sad.

“Hello my darling!”

She wrapped her words and her arms around me.

I cannot express how loved I felt at that moment. She was light and love. She is light and love.

On Friday, I was studying when she came to say goodbye. She looked so beautiful!

“Bye Gracie!! You look so beautiful!!”

She lit up like a Christmas tree.

I could have sworn she laughed and swayed all the way to the door.

It really is the little things.


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