Face #8: Elsemarie

A woman in my psychology class. She is a free spirit. She is brown eyes and colourful scarves. A tinkling laugh and curiosity. A student. A mother. A friend.

I was sitting alone at one of the coffee shops on campus. I looked up from my book to see her floating towards me. A smile on her face. The same clip holding her hair behind her left ear. It is generally rather awkward when you’re at a coffee shop and you see someone you know…who you don’t really know. You get up to say hello.

*Should I invite her to join me? Will she want to join me? What if she came here to just relax by herself? I should ask. Should I ask? What if she feels pressured?*

“Hello there! I know you! Yes! We’re in the same psychology class, aren’t we?”

“Hello! Yes! Yes we – ”

“Ah, I thought I recognised you! Are you having lunch?”

“Just drinking some coffee and – ”

“Alright! Well! Shall we sit together then?”

“That sounds lovely!”

We chatted for about an hour. About her first degree and her current degree. About her passion for learning. Her passion for helping people. Books. Reading. Her family and children. About my hopes. My favourite things. Family. Music. Tea.

She absolutely loves random facts. She loves learning about things which enrich life. I remember one fact particularly well because it just struck me as applicable to life in general. I want to share it with you!

“Whenever you feel down, detached…slightly disconnected, you must go outside after a lightning storm, find a patch of grass and take off your shoes. Sink your feet into the grass. Feel it. You will feel rejuvenated.”

I smiled. Something about that tasted so fresh, so free.

I cannot remember all of the details very well, but apparently the lightning fills the earth with a kind of chemical ‘zing’ which goes through your feet and into your body. These chemicals re-energise the body and the mind. It was something along those lines. Something wonderful.

So when you’re feeling too caught up in life…perhaps all you need is a lightning storm, a patch of cool grass and bare feet.


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