Face #13: Franshuwa

This week, I met warmth personified.

After a long day in the little store where I work, Franshuwa walked in. Tall and smiling. Ebullient. He has fairly long grey hair, clear blue eyes, an encompassing smile. He was looking for a gift for a man he described as his brother. We eventually decided on a beautiful hour glass.

We just landed up chatting for what felt like hours. He told me about the past that shaped him and choices he has made since then. He is an army man who had to forgive himself for the past. He is a father of a beautiful daughter. He is a man who walked away from success 10 years ago to follow God’s plan for him.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with him and it is only too evident that he brings such an abundance of love to everyone he meets.

The thing is, he is larger than life. And larger than these words.

When he left the shop, he left with a gift for his friend.

But he left me with an even more beautiful gift.


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