Face #4: Joe

One of the security guards of the estate where I live. Tall and smiling. A round belly pushing at the buttons of his faded white shirt. Gleaming teeth contrasting with a smooth, coffee-coloured face. Warm eyes sparkling behind thick round glasses.

I arrived at our estate quite late one evening after a very long day. I was feeling down…listless and discouraged. I was playing loud upbeat music in my car in order to lift my mood. It was not working. The gate opened and I rolled my window down to greet Joe.

He was dancing! Jiggling! Jiving to the ridiculously loud music I was playing. There he was at 10pm on a Monday evening. The memory seems so surreal. The orange glow of the estate lights. The little bugs buzzing around the street lamps behind me. The joyful man enfolding me in his glee.

I sat there as the boom opened and closed in front me, staring and smiling at him. He said: “Ah, but this music is good! You always play such nice music and I always want to dance. So, tonight I am dancing!”

His eyes closed. He smiled and swayed.

The moment was so simple and so happy.

Life’s too short to not dance to the music.